Singapore Embassy @ Vientiane

Vientiane, Laos

Located along Thadeua Road, the development is a proposed Chancery which houses an embassy, a complex, a functional hall and a residence.

The design addresses functional and programmatic requirements. For security, the building is set back from the main road. A moat serves as a line of defense. The ground level of the embassy is raised as a form of added security against vehicles, which also incidentally serves to alleviate potential flooding. In terms of the degree of publicness (or privacy), the site is demarcated into secured, public and restricted zones, in which programs are sensibly arranged. Publicness or privacy is also managed by the deliberate introduction of open spaces and designed screens. Inspired by the traditional Laotian Wat architecture, the open spaces are hierarchically progressed on approaching the site, from an outermost courtyard to an innermost sanctum. Screens are strategically placed against potential visual intrusions.

The Laotian inspiration is extended to treating the spaces and identity of the Chancery. The visual screens are designed with local materials and motifs to reflect the uniqueness of its art and architecture. In addition, the identity pays tribute to the portrayal of a cosmopolitan and modern Singapore, for instance in the form of programming a gallery which showcases the pride of Singapore and a curated selection of tropical greens in the development’s open spaces.