Nursing Home @ Henderson


Located in Bukit Merah planning area, the development is a 3-storey healthcare facility, which accommodates 257 beds in general nursing and dementia wards, a 600sqm Senior Care Center and other healthcare-related programs.

The design addresses potential noise from the nearby expressway and existing tree positions, around which courtyards and open spaces, and car park spaces are designed. These spaces, juxtaposed against the built-up areas accord more views, entry of light and ventilation into their internal spaces, and promote healing experiential walks through the premises. The buildings face north-south to avoid the direct sun path, providing enclosures with comfort.

In programmatic planning, the layout designs for accessibility and functionality, such as the proximity to staff stations and amenities with provisions of patient-friendly applicators. Multiple circulatory routes are addressed including clean and dirty routes; and scenarios of patient movement, visiting, and isolation in the event of an infectious disease emergence.