FOC Sentosa


Located on Sentosa Island, the development is a 2-storey Mediterranean-themed restaurant. It houses a main restaurant, a bar and lounge area, a pool, and outdoor and event spaces.

The design responds to site circumstances and draws inspiration from its tropical surroundings. An irregular floor plan conceived with a simple repeated module adapts to the existing positions of beach vegetation. The building faces the sea, and its highly porous body allows for views and entry of light and breeze through its spaces. The building is divided into two distinct spaces connected by a porous bridge integrated into the natural site terrains and vegetation. Large fenestrations on the building’s envelope enhance the exterior-interior connection. Combined with a part-solid and part-covered pergola roof, the architecture appears light, akin to profiles of a fisherman’s house.

The interior is decked out in a fusion of Mediterranean and tropical influences, achieving a rustic look-and-feel in tune with its tropical surroundings. In landscaping, potted plants are designed within and around the premises to enhance the atmosphere, juxtaposed against existing palm and large rain trees to preserve. A gorgeous Olive tree puts on spectacle at the entrance, evoking a ‘Mediterranean paisaje’. Flower beds are designed on the 2nd storey to supply homegrown herbs and produce for the restaurant.

FOC Sentosa is designed in collaboration with Spanish firm Lagranja Design, and was nominated for the ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2017.