Axis @ Yicheng

Yicheng, China

Hubei Yicheng Singapore Industrial Park Masterplan

Located within Yicheng Economic Development Zone, Yicheng, China, the scheme is an industrial park masterplan, covering 400,000sqm in site area flanked by five major roads. The masterplan is to accommodate food production facilities, supported by an incubation center, offices and staff dormitories. A hotel and commercial spaces are also catered for trade and seminar activities.

In site planning, a central axis (spine) connects all the zones and programs. The spine, which connects an entrance plaza and gateway to its north-east, is to later develop the masterplan into an eco-industrial concept. The spine is thus conceived like a green boulevard, connecting parks and other green and open spaces interspersed within the built-up areas. In building design, passive design strategies, sustainable construction methods and new technology are applied, to achieve low-energy consumption for the entire development.