Village at Pasir Panjang


Recipient of Singapore Property Award 2018.
Located along Pasir Panjang Road, Village is a residential development tucked away in quiet surroundings, and comprises 148 units served by recreational and sport facilities.

The design concept revolves around simple pleasures in life. Romanticizing the 1950s era, the design seeks to evoke nostalgia in its perception and use of spaces. Curated corners allow for enjoyment of vistas and contemplation; tilted lawns under coconut trees allow for full-on inclined relaxation; carved sculptures and water art allow for imagination; play equipment and benches allow for jolting of childhood memories; the secret garden lit by water candles allows for reliving special moments. In designing the units, spacious balconies reminisce of breezy colonial verandahs. Black and white finishes evoke timelessness and sense of depth. And an old-school chalkboard on kitchen cabinets allow scribbles of notes and grocery lists.