A development that offers a choice between privacy and community. The 18 houses encircle a communal pool, though residents hankering for more privacy can choose to dip in their private rooftop pools. Specially reinforced glass panels below the private rooftop pools ensure maximum exposure to natural lighting in the house. Vertical feature walls link up planter boxes to emphasise the vertical proportion of the design.

Apartments offering chic living with maximum comfort. The interiors are stylish with elegant finishing such as marble and oak timber flooring. Generous balconies and windows allow breezes and natural light to fill the interiors. Communal facilities such as a transparent swimming pool cantilevered over the main entrance and a pool deck for sunbathing add to the exclusivity.

This minimalist-style oasis of luxury soars 34 storeys, giving the residents of its 110 apartments tremendous views from purposefully designed balconies. The interiors, modern yet cosy, provide a spaciousness that can be expected only from exclusive high-end living. Each double-storey penthouse comes with a private roof terrace and swimming pool.

This 26-storey aluminium-clad tower, soaring from a 4-storey podium carpark composed of two rectilinear forms, is an inspired picture of modernity and grace. A unique sky terrace boldly bisects it at the 14th floor. Other finishing touches include alternated screens on the walls of the podium and the tower.

This modern interpretation of a tropical luxury resort comprises 82 units of cluster semi-detached houses arranged in a rectilinear grid on a sloping site. The result is an interesting cascade of different architectural forms diagonally across the site. The terrain also calls for an interesting solution to the location of the communal swimming pool, which forms a break between the 3-storey and 2-storey units. With the units mainly orientated in a north-south direction, those at the eastern and western edges are provided with thoughtful environmental shading.

A striking low-rise, mixed-use development conforming to its linear site, with coloured fins augmented on the facade for a sense of rhythm and heightened visual interest. The clubhouse and lap pools on the roof level are the focus of the residents' recreational life. Penthouses come with private rooftop pools.

This 18-storey apartment block atop a 4-storey commercial complex overlooks a bustling area with low-rise conservation shophouses while respecting the urban fabric of the surroundings. The main living spaces are designed with large windows that extend spatial perception beyond the confines of the walls. Balconies and RC ledges afford privacy, sunshading and the opportunity for skyrise gardening.

Two rows of low-rise apartment blocks are separated by a densely landscaped area with a central communal pool. The parallel rows channel ventilation through the communal area, making living here a breeze – literally.

The elevated site offers room to design immediate vehicular access to the basement carpark, and precious space is freed up for landscaping. The result is a lush environment anchored by an L-shaped pool linking the two blocks. The apartment blocks, a careful balance between the tropical and the contemporary, feature pitched roofs against a white-and-grey scheme.

Forty-eight apartment suites in a 19-storey-high tower, each served by a private lift lobby. The three penthouses come with private rooftop swimming pools. Large balconies enhance the concept of semi-outdoor living in this high-rise setting.

These 40 modern, box-frame semi-detached houses are nestled in a veritable green tropical resort complete with earthy tones, landscaped foliage and tiered swimming pools. Open terraces allow residents to commune with their lush surroundings.

Residents in five out of these seven 12-storey residential blocks enjoy clear vantage of Bedok town and beyond, thanks to the linear alignment of the blocks. The tropical-resort-style landscaping, a response to the resort theme, sets the tone for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Two facing C-shaped low-rise buildings hug a spacious central court for a sense of exclusivity and community. Wrapped in the enclosure are communal facilities, including an elongated infinity-edge lap pool and a glass-clad gymnasium.

An infinity pool dramatically cantilevered for 5 metres over a steep drop is this condo's piece de resistance. The apartments are lined by greenery to bring nature closer to high-rise living.

A cluster housing development comprising 56 units of 3-storey houses, each with a private rooftop swimming pool, lift and basement carpark. Set in two rows separated by a sliver of communal landscaped area, the houses are expressions of elegant contemporary style with their rectilinear form. Glazed surfaces, complemented by solid, opaque walls, offer residents a sense of exclusivity as well as a visual connection to the outside world.

Timelessness and exclusivity are the hallmarks of these low-rise blocks while touches such as colours and finishing endow a retro feel. Strategically placed vertical elements and groove lines as well as glass railings delicately offset the heft of the horizontal blocks. The apartments are designed to offer maximum privacy and maximum use of space, to match the exclusive lifestyles of their residents.

The dramatic twin towers rise 29 storeys from a 5-storey podium carpark, rewarding the residents with amazing perspectives of the city, Saigon River and beyond. Sunshading fins are dual purpose: keeping out solar glare and enhancing the architectural identity of the towers. Innovative vertical green walls shield the carpark from view while complementing the luxuriant foliage in the roof garden, sky deck and surroundings.

The project is a 34-storey luxurious residential development that is designed with a podium of amenities, 408 dwelling units and intermediate sky terraces for common facilities. The development is set in a prime district location: it overlooks Inya Lake and is surrounded by lush greenery.

The design is thus conceived to give every residential unit a view out to nature. The way the façade has been designed, together with the building’s towering presence identifies the development from afar as a point of visual interest, an architectural icon, a landmark. On the façade, distinct vertical lines break apart the tower block profile and create and accentuate individual volumetric compositions, while staggering balconies add visual and playful interest.

Some of the amenities that have been designed include amongst many others, launderettes, restaurants, clinics, marts, salon, bakery and so on. Facilities for the residents to enjoy some leisure and recreation include a well-equipped outdoor gym, BBQ area, pool deck, sky lounge, massage room and reflexology area.

In the design of the tower block, the views are being capitalized where service corridors are kept within the core of the block. In the choice of units, owners can select from dual-key apartments to 3-storey penthouses.

A refurbishment project that has augmented this well-loved retail destination in Subang Jaya with 8 cinema halls, 3 floors of retail and F&B outlets and a multi-storey luxury carpark. Bold lines and vibrant colours on the new facade add a new exuberance to the mall and its neighbourhood.

A makeover of the mall's communal areas, using brilliant colours and bold architectural patterns to endow new vitality. Modern conveniences such as better access, convenient parking and a splash park for children perk up the shopping experience.

This longstanding mall gets a smart, contemporary update with the use of new materials, colours and lighting. A new retail zone on the 4th level reminiscent of a local street market enlivens the shopping experience and pulls in the crowds.

Towering over resettlement residences and shop houses, this is a confident and chic visual statement in the skyline of Ho Chi Minh City. Yet this mixed development with a retail mall and serviced apartments is also inviting, accentuated by shades of brown that echo the warmth of the city's residents.

The creative use of materials lends a distinctively chic and contemporary identity to this 16-storey hotel strategically located in the heart of Orchard Road. The windows are juxtaposed with blue lighting that articulates their frames, attracting passersby and are visible from afar. A granite finish to the base of concrete columns at the drop-off area adds a touch of luxury.

The 241 hotel rooms offer great vantage of the city through bay windows. Splashes of colours accentuate the contrast between various parts of the hotel while the spacious lobby affords a sense of arrival.

Caressed by the ebb and flow of a river, rugged rocks smoothen over time to become refined cobblestones. The concept of this resort hotel by the Jinjiang River is a poetic interpretation of this natural phenomenon. Its exquisitely designed structures stand amid water features, forming imaginative spaces not unlike cobblestones lining a riverbed. Light filtering through the buildings' glazed features falls on paths that wend through the resort, creating ever-changing moods and captivating perspectives.

A five-star hotel in a contemporary, minimalist style, embracing its locale's natural offerings and vitality as a thriving business hub. Hotel guests can revel in unblocked views of the adjacent nature reserve while business travellers can take advantage of its conference facilities as well as F&B and recreational amenities.

A seafront, 26-storey mixed development on reclaimed land consisting of 5 floors of retail outlets and a 12-storey hotel tower that's home to Four Points by Sheraton. Not only has it become the nexus of Sandakan's recreational life, it has also ushered in a new, contemporary chapter in the town's urban design with its striking, modern-style facade.

IDEA Hub at Defu is masterplanned to be an iconic "live, work and play" zone with a distinctive identity and a dynamic environment that encourages innovation and interaction among businesses. At the same time, the masterplan also emphasises environmental sustainability and offers flexibility for adapting spaces to various uses.

The site is located along the river bank of WuSongJing River in Changning District of PuXi, Shanghai. It is also in close proximity to the Commercial Belt, new High-tech Park and the subway station.

The overall urban planning takes advantage of existing infrastructure to allow for an unique urban waterside living environment, that remains closely connected to the city. The site planning aims to provide a harmonious living environment for the residents. Building blocks, varying in height, are juxtaposed around a central garden to give an interesting massing and skyline.

This development is located in Shanghai Pudong Lianyang District, besides the New Century Park.

As the masterplanning is centred on a North South axis, the majority of the high rise blocks are connected to the main axis, which is intended as a linear landscaped boulevard.

The boulevard is interestingly carved out with different nodal points and discreetly integrated with the existing landscaped boulevard.

The project is the first of its kind to deviate from the conventional of residential development in Shanghai. It breaks the rule that all blocks be aligned to the north south facing only. With its close proximity to Huang Pu River, the site planning attempts to capture the breathtaking view of the famous bund and the Pudong Commercial Hub.

The project was awarded the Copper Prize for Architecture for Paragon Projects in the Ten Years Development of Pudong and The Best Design Award For Residential Development Shanghai, 2002.

An epitome of harmony between man and nature, this development promises high-end living amid nature's luxuriant embrace. Encircling apartment blocks form comfortable, generous spaces that offer excellent vistas, while their clever orientation ensures that residents enjoy both great views and ample natural light. The neoclassical-style architecture enlists clean lines and refined details, as well as a warm palette that is a delightful contrast against the greenery.

This development with 4-storey villas and 5- and 6-storey bungalows with elevators emphasises environmental sustainability and human-friendly living. Along its signature waterways, residents can relax amid beautiful views, while houses lining the waterways come with private waterfront gardens. The architecture takes a leaf from traditional Suzhou styles, and contemporary features endow touches of modernity.

This development, with mainly residential apartments, embodies human-friendly design, respect for nature and sustainability. It offers contemporary living designed with its residents' needs in mind. The thoughtful arrangement of its three clusters of buildings creates an interplay of spaces that conveys a sense of contiguity and widens the sense of space.

In a city that is ever expanding upwards with high-rises, a judicious addition of low-rise villas amid high-rise developments certainly makes for a visually more interesting living environment. The buildings are interpretations of the "abstract classicism" style, with focus on nuances and details. A true statement in the New Shanghai style.

An inspired masterplan concept that comprises residential, commercial, institutional and infrastructural developments. Two zones – 'sun' and 'moon' – host marine- and nature-themed developments respectively. The two zones are separated by the Preah Sihanouk National Park and the Khmer Cultural Village.

An unconventionally high 6-storey building (for a primary school) to accommodate 40 classrooms, with the indoor sports hall stacked above the multi-purpose hall. These are the creative solutions to work around the limitations of an odd L-shaped site. The layout and colour selection recall a garden set in the city and are aimed at helping the students appreciate nature.

The beautiful roofscape makes for a pleasant view for the residents of the housing apartment blocks that overlook this primary school. The school's layout and colour scheme hark back to the neighbourhood's kampung (village) days and serve to remind the students to stay keenly aware of Singapore history.

The site planning takes into consideration existing ecological conditions, utilizing the greenery as a buffer for the school to create an environment conducive for learning. The educational facilities and students' hostels are situated near the recreational area while the teachers' apartments are set apart to allow for more privacy. The layout of the educational facilities adopts an open concept to encourage interaction between students and teachers. The buildings blocks are deliberately placed to allow communal courtyards that create a natural and harmonious landscape.

The building plays with the layering of elements such as exposed columns, horizontal solar screens and vertical glass screens to achieve both a rich architectural language and practical architectural solution for education.

Nuture vs Nature. Open and diverse spaces are thus designed to facilitate knowledge exchange among the students and teachers. The campus is zoned according to function, and a streamlined traffic network further enhances convenience and productivity. Novel architectural designs emphasise the importance of originality.

Embodying a judicious balance of form, function and aesthetics, this addition to the campus stands apart from the existing buildings. Classic proportions, refined details and stimulating interiors combine to create a visually arresting architectural space, an inspiring learning environment and a cradle of creativity.

Public housing that's a class above. The tower blocks are strategically aligned so residents can enjoy expansive views of Bedok Town Park's lush greenery and Bedok Reservoir's rippling waters. Natural light filters in through full-height windows and sliding doors, uplifting the mood of the contemporary-style interiors, while the spacious balconies bring residents even closer to nature.

Developed as part of the Design, Build & Sell Scheme, these three towers comprising 714 public housing units soar 40 storeys high. Prefabricated RC panels complete with window frames are used to achieve a super-smooth finish while windows for the corners of the buildings render a more dramatic effect. Generously apportioned balconies offer semi-outdoor reprieve in a high-rise living environment.

The design proposal consists of 14 residential blocks placed symmetrically along the connection from the commercial facilities to the common green. It forms 2 clusters of blocks linked directly to the integrated multi-storey carparks with landscaped roof-top communal facilities. The centrally located inter-precinct open space links both clusters along a longitudinal axis.

The façade treatment is characterized by clarity in architectural expression with the juxtaposition of planar and framing elements and accentuation of colours to achieve richness.

The overall concept is to provide a living environment that embraces the greens n inject vibrancy to the experience with the varied ground level facilities.